Our Products

  • Sizing Products

    Sizing Products BEVALOID 4118 P Be humble in all dealings with our partners, clients and team members. True wisdom and understanding belong to the

  • Finishing Products

    Finishing Products Finish – 230 FINISH-230 is an aqueous solution of acrylic co-polymer and is specially developed… 01 Magnasoft – M 40 – Micro

  • Pretreatment Products

    Pretreatment Products Desizer CX – 300 DESIZER CX-300 is an oxidative desizing agent which decomposes starch into water. 01 Rematex Rematex – A is

  • Dyeing/Printing/Washing Products

    Dyeing Printing Washing Products Binder – SB BINDER SB is a polymer dispersion of acrylates used in fixing pigments on substrates. 01 Carrier –