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Providing the cutting edge of excellence in Textile Auxiliaries Technology, set on its path of excellence since 1958, Universal Chemical Industries Limited's mission is to offer the Highest Level of quality to the industry. Behind this awareness, that to be on par with the world, it is necessary to build a strong infrastructure. It is this vision that steered us on to optimize our set up, meeting the stringent demands of customers worldwide. To further support its capability, this constant commitment to quality has resulted in the achievement of the prestigious

ISO 9000 : 2000 QMS & ISO 14001 : 1996 EMS and Reach



Universal Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. located at Z-5, Manghopir Road, S.I.TE., and Karachi has been officially registered with this name since November 1969. Although the business was originally established in 1958 with only one product i.e. Textile Softeners, gradually Resins and Polyethylene Emulsions were added to the products’ range.

In 1984, it has shifted the plant from Nazimabad to the B-45, Estate Avenue, S.I.T.E., and Karachi and increased its production capacity by importing a complete polymerization plant from U.K. The annual production capacity of the plant is 8000 Tons and the net production trun over is 5000 Tons per annum. UCI has become the pride of national Textile Industry, providing the industry with a comprehensive range of auxiliary products.

It has been UCI’s prime objective to set the trend of the textile finishing and to meet the demand of time. Continuous research has been going on for the development of new products as well as for the technical solutions of the processing problems. A team of highly qualified textile technologists, chemists and chemical engineers are always at the disposal of customers who can assist them in solving their problems, in laboratory as well as on the spot i.e. during the process.
UCI is sincerely continuing its efforts in the service of textile industry and pray Almighty GOD for its success in future as well.


Abdullah Hashim Patel


Dr. Arshad A. Vohra

CEO /Technical Director
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Asad A. Vohra

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Dr. Sharafat A. Chaudhry

Director (Marketing & Sales)
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