Unitack – CT Bond

Technical Data Sheet

Product Description

UNITACK-CT Bond is an aqueous dispersion of polyvinyl acetate in concentrated formulation. It is stable in weak acids, alkalis and optical brightening agent and miscible with hot or cold water in all proportions. It is a APEO/NPEO free product and conforms to Oeko-tex and REACH compliance as well.

How to Apply

Dilution of UNITACK CT Bond is prepared by stirring 2-3 times weight of cold water and then adding the diluted dispersion to the main volume of water with stirring. 20-30 g/1 UNITACK-CT Bond is used for stiff finishes on cellulosics otherwise 2-2.0 g/l UNITACK-CT Bond can be used depending on the degree of softness required. Usually it is applied by padding and drying method. On synthetic knitted fabrics 2-10 g/ are added on winch machine.

Features and Benefits

  • UNITACK-CT Bond may be used as straight finishing agent for all type of textile fabrics such as cotton, polyester and their blends to produce full handle. stiff finishes.
  • Can be used as a binding and lamination agent.
  • Produces modified handle in resin finishes.
  • With combination of other softening agents it gives draping effect to finished fabric .
  • Also provides suitable effect in the back sizing of carpets.
  • Gives non slip finishes on loosely woven rayon goods.
  • Reduces the tendency of pilling,

Physical Properties

Appearance Thick White Paste lonic character Non-ionic pH:5.0-6.0


UNITACK-CT Bond can be applied on woven and knitted fabric by exhaustion technique on winches or by padding method in finishing.

Precautions when in use

1. Ensure that the UNITACK-CT Bond solution is completely homogenous before using.
2. Clean inside of pad bath or exhaustion bath before applying the product and keep the mangle clean during the process.

Storage and Handling

To ensure that the product quality is maintained, the container should be tightly sealed when not in use. Store at normal temperature and prevent prolonged exposure to extreme heat or freezing condition, which may cause product separation. If separation does occur, thaw if frozen, stir the contents, and use in the normal manner.

Product Safety

When considering the use of any UCI products in a particular application should review our latest Material Safety Data Sheets and ensure that the use you intend can be accomplished safely. For Material Safety Data Sheets and other product safety information, contact the UCI Sales Office nearest you. Before handling any other products mentioned in the text you should obtain relevant product safety information and take necessary steps to ensure safety of use.