Bevaloid 4029 AP

Technical Data Sheet

Product Description

BEVALOID 4029 is a white paste that contains a blend of glycerides and surfactants. It is added in sizing mixture to provide lubricacy during weaving. It is a APEO/NPEO free product and conforms to Oeko-tex and REACH compliance as well.

How to Apply

BEVALOID 4029-P may be added to the size mix at any stages of preparation. Readily disperses in water at 60°C. Approximately 0.5-1.0% of BEVALOID 4029 based on total size solution is normally recommended.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly resistant to oxidation and yellowing.
  • Contains antistatic compounds which improve the performance of hairy synthetic/natural yarns.
  • Compatible with most types of sizes.
  • Improves weaving performance and reduces fibre shedding.
  • Good emulsification properties which enable easy and efficient removal during normal scouring and desizing procedures.

Physical Properties

Appearance: White Paste
Ionic character: Non-ionic
pH: 5.5 – 6.5


BEVALOID 4029 is used on various types of yarn as a lubricant and softening agent. As an addition to the sizing mixture to provide the necessary lubricacy during weaving and protect from fibre shedding.

Precautions when in use

Ensure that the BEVALOID 4029 solution is completely homogenous before using.

Storage and Handling

To ensure that the product quality is maintained, the container should be tightly sealed when not in use. Store at normal temperature, and prevent prolonged exposure to extreme heat or freezing condition, which may cause product separation. If separation does occur, thaw if frozen, stir the contents, and use in the normal manner.

Product Safety

When considering the use of any UCI products in a particular application should review our latest Material Safety Data Sheets and ensure that the use you intend can be accomplished safely. For Material Safety Data Sheets and other product safety information, contact the UCI Sales Office nearest you. Before handling any other products mentioned in the text you should obtain relevant product safety information and take necessary steps to ensure safety of use.