Universal Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Located at B-45, Estate Avenue S.I.T.E. Karachi has been officially registered with this name since November 1969. Although the business was originally established in 1958 with only one product i.e. Textile Softener, gradually resins and polyethylene emulsions and other products were added to the range. 

In 1984 the plant was shifted from Nazimabad to the present location and further increased its production capacity by commissioning a complete polymerization plant from U.K. The installed production capacity of Karachi plant is 12000 Tons and the Ajman UAE plant is also capable of producing 12000 tons per annum of various chemicals for the textile and other industries. The total sales of Universal Chemical Industries exceed US $ 7.00 Million which includes sales to Pakistan industry together with sales to other Asian, African & Middle East countries.  

UCI has become the pride of national Textile Industry, offering the industry with a comprehensive range of Auxiliary Products. It has been UCI’s prime objective to set the trend of the Textile finishing and meet the demand of time through continuous research and development of new products as well as technical solutions to processing problems. A team of highly qualified textile technologists, chemists and chemical engineers are always at the disposal of customer who can assist the customers in solving their problems, in the laboratory as well as on the process floor.

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